Back in September, some of you met the man who has now been camping in my backyard for close to 3 months.  Several of you have offered to help him navigate the process of finding an apartment and getting rental assistance from the VA, etc.  He says he's talked to several people and no one can help him.  "No vouchers, all talk", etc.  Since I know you myself, I find his take hard to believe.  FTR - he refuses to go to the shelters because of PTSD and other factors.  He needs his own place.

Last week, I discovered (after getting a jaw-dropping electric bill!) that he's been running a space heater in his tent.  I'd allowed him to hook up an extension cord so he could charge his phone and have a lamp.  He took that a bit too far!  So I've given him his "eviction notice" for Dec. 21.  I never dreamed this would drag out this long and I'm exhausted dealing with his chaos on top of my own.  I am asking again for help for him (and me.)

If anyone is able/willing to work on finding him housing (he's a veteran so there should be lots of programs out there,) contact me and I'll give you my address so you can come talk to him.  I no longer have his phone #.  HOT team has been out but can't tell me anything about any progress.  I will not be granting any kind of extension on that deadline.  I need my yard and garage back.  He and his stuff WILL be out of here next Friday.  I hope he will find a safe place to live but that's no longer in my hands.

Thanks for anything anyone is able to do.
Patricia Menzies (wanting to support a REAL Tent City, not a mini-one in my own yard!)