Good morning,

I’m looking for information on day centers in Pierce County.



Kristen Thomas | Shelter Program Manager

Pronouns: She/ her/ hers
T: 253.272.4181 ext. 244 F:
253. 572.4443

Pierce County
405 Broadway
Tacoma, WA 98402
24 Hour Hotline:


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YWCA Pierce County is required to adhere to all applicable laws regarding the provision of services to domestic violence victims, which includes confidentiality and privileged communication (40002b2.U.S.C.13925b2; WAC 388-61A; RCW 5.60.060). Therefore, we are unable to disclose any information about any person seeking or receiving services in our programs without their legal release of information. If you are inquiring about a specific person who you believe to be receiving services here, we cannot confirm or deny any knowledge of that person. YWCA is a mandated reporter of any neglect or abuse of children or vulnerable adults.