Hello! I have a 45 year old woman who needs to find a room to rent. She is formerly incarcerated, works full time plus overtime so the cost isn't much of a barrier. She is married and has children that live with their father, her husband, but they live toward Graham and she doesn't drive so transportation to work in Tacoma would be a barrier if she were to live that far out. She is from China originally, English is a 4th language and this is her opportunity for the first time in her life to experience being independent. Her goal is to live on her own (w/o her family) for a least a year while she works, goes to driver's school and develops healthy relationships with friends. She doesn't drink, smoke, or have any substance use issues. She is a great tenant, clean and respectful. She is hoping for a room in a house with other women. If anyone has any leads or ideas we are open... a small apartment may be okay too. 


Jessica Means
Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, New Connections
253-617-1405 office message line