If your organization, your  group or your local government can sign-on, please email Michele Thomas and let her know - by 8pm tonight - Monday, April 15.  You don't have to be a big nonprofit or even well-known.  This is a very easy way to make a big difference in housing for all those folks you are trying so desperately to house.

From Michele Thomas, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance:

1406/Robinson. As you know, 1406 is critical in order to get near our $600 million dollar goal for affordable homes this year. The House funded it at a level that could bring in $382 million in bonded dollars. This would cost the state $69 million over the biennium and we need to Senate to agree to fund it at this level or as close as possible to it. Budget negotiations are happening in earnest now, so it is a critical time to push for this bill.

Attached is a sign on letter for 1406 which we will be handing out over the next several days to vote count and push this bill to be fully funded. Please let me know if you can sign on no later than by 8:00 PM this evening. You can please just email me directly. Feel free to ask others to sign on as well.

City of Olympia has signed on.
How about the rest of the local jurisdictions?



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