I can't view the attachments at the moment without downloading them to my phone, but I wonder why gift cards would be given instead of cash? There is always the chance that the gift card would have to be redeemed at a merchant where a person wouldn't normally want to shop, or even a place they've been trespassed from.

On Fri, Nov 30, 2018, 2:15 PM Theresa Power-Drutis <tpdrutis@nctacoma.org wrote:
Hi All
For anyone who was not at the meeting this morning,please take a look at the flyer and let me know if you have questions or suggestions. We are especially interested in ideas for potential gift card donations; I'm guessing these will be the most difficult to come up with. 

Thank you to all who offered to help this morning and to anyone who is willing to send this out through other networks or to distribute the information in any way. One more reason to treasure this coalition!

Martha offered to have a collection bin available at the next 2 meetings for anything you are able to bring.

I've attached a full color copy and a monochrome version of the 99 Stockings flyer. Use the monochrome version if you are printing in black & white for clearer headings (the red and green text won't show up as well). 

Regards and gratitude

Theresa Power-Drutis
Director, New Connections

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