If you can get hold of the famiky, they can call Adams street or Salvation Army.  Better yet, just go to the Salvation Army at 1501 6th Ave (we get about 500 calls day for Christmas help so it might be hard to get through on the phones).   We work with Adams street as well.  

No one should have to sleep outside in this cold!!  Brrr.   

Martha Sheppard, Major
The SalvationArmy, Tacoma

“Give forgiveness to your enemies; give tolerance to an opponent; give your heart to a friend; give a good example to every child; give charity to all; and to yourself, give respect”. Author Unknown

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Subject: Homeless Coalition - Emergency housing for woman + 5 kids
Got this message on FB from a friend, regarding some people she knows. I don't know what to tell her.

" I grew up with the Dad. He and his wife/kids moved back here from Georgia this year. They were staying with family friends but out stayed their time before they were able to get their place (he has an eviction on record making it very difficult). He was working as a roofer through the summer but couldn’t find something to last. He just got a full-time TODAY, but they used their savings on the motel. Tonight is their last night they can afford to be there and will all be sleeping in the car tomorrow. He is more worried about his wife and kids. If he can find them housing, he’ll stay at the shelter or his car until he can get a roof over all of heir heads. "

I have asked about the kids' ages, in case it matters, but haven't received a response yet.


~~Cheryl Kopec 
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